Every Coffee Break is a Notion Moment - Sip In Style From Your Personal Avatar Mug

Even your morning coffee makes a statement of your brand!

Select your preference, sign off on your avatar, and wait for your sleek mug to arrive. The Founder Avatar now includes a 15oz mug and no, you don't even pay shipping.

*Each mug is ordered and custom made when you've signed off your avatar. This affects delivery time along with shipping location. But don't worry, you'll receive a tracking link to keep tabs on your mug's journey.

Guaranteed Perfection With Unlimited Revisions & Lifetime Updates

There’s no limits. You can have your Notion avatar tweaked and adjusted until it’s absolutely, 100% on point. And you can keep it that way as your brand grows. Update your avatar along the way, twice a year if needed, no extra costs. This is a professional avatar afterall.

A Media Kit with Striking Sticker & Pre-sized Social Profile Pics

Variety of elegant sticker styles can give that extra flair that gets you noticed. Delight potential clients by livening up your content and website.

On top of that, I’ve saved you plenty of Social Media hassle. You can focus on building your Social Media at lightning speeds. Perfectly sized versions of your Notion avatar for all the major social media platforms. The moment your files arrive you can add your avatar everywhere!

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Does the number of revisions I ask for affect the delivery date?
Yes. The communication and work needed for each adjustment and review adds more time until delivery. Expected number of revisions for 3 day delivery, with active communication, is up to 3 revisions.

How can I get my Notion Avatar updated?
Every 12 months, you can email me directly with the new reference pictures and instructions attached, and the creation process is repeated.

What additional usage do I get with an Extended Commercial License?
You can use your avatar everywhere and even in end products that generate income such as printed merchandise.