Uniquely You, Unmistakably Notion.

Step into the world of Notion with a custom Notion avatar that captures not just your likeness but your spirit. Elegant, minimalistic, unmistakably you.

Your Doppelgänger, Notion-Styled!

In a digital age brimming with avatars, why not stand out? Marrying the crispness of Notion design with the whimsy of hand-drawn portraits, I present an avatar service like no other. It's not just a drawing. It's a statement.

Crafted for Notion Aficionados - By Design.

Whether you're a passionate Notion user, a buzzing creator, an influential figure, or the proud owner of a budding startup, let your unique essence shine through. Dive into our custom line work, purely black & white avatars - designed meticulously, exclusively for the Notion community. Stand out, be recognized, and add that personal touch to your profile today!

Customer Reviews

She has very good communication skills and listened to my request so attentively. Her creation was way more than what I thought and I can recommend to others with confidence.

Asuka Hara

”Excellent work, very good service!”

Zecharia Landau

”Eloise is just the best. Amazing service and awesome personalized avatar. Highly recommended. Communication was excellent!”

Nanci Murdock

Very professional and couldn't have asked for anything better. Phenomenal work!

Richmond Nash


How do I get my avatar?
I will personally email you within 24hrs to confirm your order. I’ll also let you know if I need anything from your side before I start your drawing. Then more emails will follow, with your drawing, for revisions and change requests. Finally, when you’ve signed off, I prepare your avatar profile files for you. When they reach your inbox, they’re ready to upload to your workspace and socials.

How quickly will my avatar be done?
As soon as possible! I try my best to deliver your avatar within the delivery time specified in each package. However, my first priority is that you’re 100% happy with your avatar, thus delivery can vary depending on factors such as number of revisions, communication time etc.

Can I order multiple avatars?
Absolutely! The more the better for us both. For company teams, please see my Notion Avatars for Teams. I offer this service specifically for business teams. I create personal avatars for each member, then add a touch of Brand personality to bring the team together. I give discounts for bulk orders, and the bigger the order, the more the discount increases.

Can I add something unique to my avatar?
You’re unique, so I don’t see why your avatar should be any different. I’m happy to add small personalisations such as, glasses, hats, or a dash of colour, just add in a note with your purchase and mention the details you’d like (with reference pics please) when I send your order confirmation email.

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